Cairns Walk and Talk Therapy

Peace Lily Therapies use Walk and Talk therapy, a type of therapy that involves taking sessions outdoors and walking side-by-side with your therapist.

Many people find an office environment or therapy room stifling, and it can make it difficult to open up. With Walk and Talk therapy, we get out amongst nature – with fresh air, boosting the mood, increasing mind and body awareness, circulation and cognitive performance.

Plus we’re in Cairns! With so many beautiful, natural locations around, why would we choose an office! We have a range of locations that are suitable for people of all ages and levels of mobility.

We take things one step at a time. Here’s the first step.

Schedule a free 15-minute phone call with Karen to ensure you’re comfortable and ready to connect with a therapist.

This call is completely free of cost and obligation – if you choose to continue, we’ll arrange your sessions.


We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions.

What are the benefits of Walk and Talk?

The active movement of walking helps to increase mind and body awareness. Not only is it great to be outdoors and in the fresh air, but it also helps with releasing those emotions. Walking is also great for us!

Can you see me if I have a mental health plan from my GP?

Your mental health plan provides you with a Medicare rebate option with eligible allied health professionals. I can assist you, but at the moment counselling is unfortunately unable to be claimed back through Medicare, meaning fees would be payable.

I am worried someone might see me being emotional?

Walk and talk will always be conducted in a safe space. The act of walking also helps us to regulate our emotions, and you would most likely find that when you would expect to cry, it probably will not happen. If you do become emotional, I will ensure you will not be seen by anyone.

Can I wear comfortable clothes and what do I need to bring?

Please wear clothes that you are comfortable walking in and comfortable walking shoes. You will also be required to bring your own water, hat, sunscreen and if needed, an umbrella.

What about bad weather?

Walk-and-talk therapy can still happen when it is raining, we just need umbrellas (or not). The only times walk and talk will need to be reconsidered is if a storm or cyclone is expected, or if it is simply too hot to be outside walking.

Do we need to walk?

We do not need to walk. We can take a seat and talk.

Can I record my session?

Your sessions will be the same as if they are conducted in an office. In this situation, they would not be recorded and for the same reasons, recording our walk and talk sessions is not permitted.

Do I have to be alone?

For every session, you would be expected to be alone and without the potential for disturbance. The same way you would if we were in an office.

In Bloom

Do we get another pet?

Do we get another pet?

After losing a pet, often we’re filled with a hole in our hearts. We desperately want a new pet to love, but the feelings of guilt and dread start.

Cairns Pet Celebrant

Cairns Pet Celebrant

Peace Lily Therapies is a Cairns Pet Celebrant, providing a way to honour and celebrate the life of your cherished pet with a fitting tribute.