Do we get another pet?

Posted 15 Sep, 2023
Category: Counselling
By Peace Lily Therapies
After losing a pet, often we're filled with a hole in our hearts. We desperately want a new pet to love, but the feelings of guilt and dread start.

After losing a pet, how many of us want to get another one?

Your heart hurts and you desperately want another pet to love. Then the thoughts of dread start. This one will eventually pass away too. You will be feeling the exact pain you are feeling right now, and you don’t want to go through that again. Or maybe you feel that you are not a good pet parent because you had to make the difficult decision about euthanasia. You may question yourself constantly and feel guilty for doing that to your best friend.

Maybe you feel as if you are betraying your pet who passed away, or that you are replacing them. You may have another pet who is lonely and missing their playmate.

Then again, maybe you don’t want another pet, or you don’t want another one straight away. Yet family members do (or vice versa). Maybe there is no middle ground and both sides are becoming frustrated with each other.

You are not alone. It can be a struggle to work through the thoughts, feelings and decisions to be made not only before or after losing a pet, but for the future moving forward.

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