Cairns Pet Doula

The bond with our pets is strong, and facing the prospect of losing them can be crippling. There are times when their loss is unexpected, or we may need to make the decision to euthanise them due to the ageing process or health issues affecting their quality of life.

When facing these difficult times, it can be helpful to have support of a pet doula. As a non-medical person, I can provide emotional and educational support to pets and their families during their final life stages. 

The following services are available:

  • End-of-Life planContains the specifics of your pet’s journey towards the end of their life. Details will be discussed about what you would like to happen and other resources and support that may be available.
  • Lead-up and afterwardsProvision of support before euthanasia and your aftercare support plan.
  • Euthanasia support – The walk into the vet’s office for euthanasia is the loneliest walk of all. I can attend with you to provide support or can act on your behalf as a stand-in and be there with your pet whilst they are being euthanised.

In a safe and caring environment, you will be supported to make the most appropriate choices for you and your family. A trained Animal Companion Doula ™, I can provide end-of-life services for your pet and support you through these final stages.

*All services support and incorporate your veterinary care and advice.  


We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions.

What does a doula do?

A human end of life doula is a person who is not medically trained, but can help with information regarding options, and provide education and support to those who are dying and those around them.

An Animal Companion Doula ™ does the same, but for pets and their families.

What is an End-of-Life Plan?

Going through the final stages of your pets’ life is difficult and we can lose track of what is going on.

An End-of-Life plan is a document that contains information such as health and veterinary care you wish to have, or not have, for your pet. We will talk about quality of life and other components to help give you peace of mind. The plan is developed in support of your veterinary advice and care. 

Will you give medication to my pet?

No. You will need to administer any medication.

Do I need to make an appointment if I want you to be with my pet whilst it is being euthanised?


Will you perform the euthanasia?

No. Euthanasia will need to be performed by a vet in a clinic, or at your home (if the vet provides this service and you wish for a home euthanasia). If you do not feel you are able to be in the room when your pet is euthanised, I can stand in for you and be there with your pet. Alternatively, I can accompany you and be there with you for support.

Will you provide a cremation service or move my pets' body?

No. You will need to arrange this. There are a number of providers in the area who can offer this service.

In Bloom

Do we get another pet?

Do we get another pet?

After losing a pet, often we’re filled with a hole in our hearts. We desperately want a new pet to love, but the feelings of guilt and dread start.

Cairns Pet Celebrant

Cairns Pet Celebrant

Peace Lily Therapies is a Cairns Pet Celebrant, providing a way to honour and celebrate the life of your cherished pet with a fitting tribute.