Pet Loss – It’s OK not to be OK

Posted 26 May, 2023
Category: Counselling
By Peace Lily Therapies
Losing a pet can affect everyone differently. For some people it seems easy, for others it can be a struggle.
Pet Loss - It's OK not to be OK

Pet loss can affect everyone differently. Some people can seemingly move through the loss quickly, and with little effort. For others, it can be a very difficult time and have as much impact as the loss of a human loved one. It can even bring back memories of another loss, which we think we have dealt with long ago. 

Family and friends may not be aware the person is suffering, as sometimes a brave public face is hiding those emotions. It is important to remember that we are all individuals. It does not mean that those who move through quickly loved the pet any less than those who are struggling, or that there is anything wrong with either one.

If someone we know is having difficulty coping after losing a pet, we need to support them, not berate or belittle them.

Wondering what you can do for someone who is struggling with the loss of a beloved pet?  Talk to them. Ask them if they are ok. If they say they are having a hard time it can be uncomfortable, and we are unsure how to respond. If they are ready to talk, it is important to listen so they can heal.

If you or someone you know is struggling with the loss of a pet, Peace Lily Therapies is here to help. Non-biased, confidential, individualised, person centred support, provided in a safe environment either online or through walk and talk sessions.